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Shortly afterwards, as he takes two chopsticks from a girl’s hair and drives them through the thug’s hands, I closed my eyes too, and they stayed that way until the screams ended. When I confess this to Scott Thomas, she laughs and says she did exactly the same. Having lived in Paris since she was 18, she dresses with an enviable, understated elegance that combines French chic with a hint of London cool. Ever since her Oscar-nominated performance in The English Patient in 1996, we’ve become used to seeing Scott Thomas in this kind of high-quality period piece, which makes her appearance as Crystal, the foul-mouthed mother from hell in Only God Forgives, a gory art-house fight film, all the more shocking.
Née à Ottawa, en Ontario, le 20 juillet 1971, de parents d'origine coréenne, son père Joon-Soo (John) et sa mère, Young-Nam.