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I’m not going to talk about things like writing to to optimize drawing—it’s a topic covered to death elsewhere.Instead, this is meant to be a slightly more practical guide to squeezing performance out of WPF in ways that are probably more likely affecting you.When an object is added to or removed from an observable collection, the UI is automatically updated.This happens because, when binding to an observable collection, WPF automatically adds a The Observable Collection is already bound to the Listview.So all we need to do in the XAML file is to specify the binding member for each column.We can do that by the "Display Member Binding" attribute and "Binding" markup extension.We learned about the binding syntax used by XAML to bind to the Data Model that was exposed by the code behind.

If you were building an Accounting system, your Model might have classes for things like Account, Customer, Credit, Debit, and so on.Also, it can be difficult in WPF to know exactly when the system is finished with an object.For views, you get the get a WPF notification that a viewmodel is about to go unused by a view.Unfortunately, even some authors and books that have attempted to clarify this topic have not always done a good job doing it either.But what I can do is show you the basics and how and why they are employed in the Hub App Template, so that you can begin to understand the thought process that influenced the organization and the design of the code in the template.An Observable Collection is a dynamic collection of objects of a given type.