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However, there is considerable debate as to whether commanders of tactical weapons units had authority to launch their own nuclear warheads (). Initially, at the Havana conference in 1992, General Gribkov stated that such authorization was given by the central command in the event of a U. According to Gribkov and other Soviet participants of the crisis, such authorization was given by Malinovsky orally to commanders before their departure for Cuba. The Presidium discussion of October 22 shows that the Soviet top leadership envisioned this scenario as well.The cable sent later, on October 27, categorically forbidding Soviet military to use tactical nuclear weapons without an order from Moscow, shows that the Soviet Presidium was very concerned about an unauthorized use of tactical weapons (). Even if the official pre-authorization order was not signed by the Defense Minister, we can conclude that in all likelihood, tactical nuclear weapons would most definitely be used in a first salvo if U. After the most dangerous phase of the crisis was resolved on October 28, and Khrushchev promised to withdraw “the weapons you call offensive” from Cuba, the world rejoiced.An incomplete postcranial skeleton (67 elements) of a cave lion, a lower jaw and a bundle of fine yellowish hair were found by a local resident in 20 washed out from the perennially frozen Pleistocene sediments in the lower reaches of the Malyi Anyui River (western Chukotka).This is the first skeleton of a cave lion (Panthera spelaea Goldfuss) to be found in Russia.The bone sizes are similar to finds of cave lion bones known from N–E Russia, but larger than East Beringian and smaller than West European ones.The remains have been studied using a variety of methods, including morphology, morphometry, SEM-examination, AMS-dating, and isotopic study, which included examination of over 100 samples of various members of the mammoth faunal assemblage (mammoth, wooly rhinoceros, bison, horse, bear, etc.).

For me it seems like this particular linage, I actually think it expanded from the northern parts of Rogaland.

Although the Urals form the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia, they do not significantly impede movement.

The highest peak, , reaches 6,217 feet (1,895 metres), but the system is largely composed of a series of broken, parallel ridges with summits generally between 3,000 and 5,000 feet (900 and 1,500 metres); several low passes cut through the system, particularly in the central section between , is the most striking single relief feature of the country and quite possibly of the world.

I noticed that 4 out 50 mt-dna-samples from my native region of Rogaland in the Norway project are hg Z1a1a (There is an additional person from Rogaland in the Z-project).

They all have the same haplotype : C16185T, T16187C, C16189T, T16224C, G16230A, C16260T, T16278C, T16298C, C16311T, C146T, C151T, C195T, A247G, A249d, T489C, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 315.1C. Bizarrely they share the haplotype with people in northern Finland.