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In fact, there’s a straightforward process you can follow to move from no headline or crummy headline to optimized headline. I’m talking about a logical approach to writing headlines that will actually take you from [cliché alert] zero to hero in exactly 9 steps. To get 25 variations on a single phrase, you can try: There’s a lot to be learned from the bad work you do, which is why I told you not to delete any of your ideas in the previous step. Crummy headlines include: Those that start with “We” or “Our” or anything that isn’t Unnecessarily long headlines. Whittle your list down to about 10 pretty solid headline options.

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Cactus Jack , Peter, To wear 20 glasses, you would probably need CLs of about -28, but the actual prescription is very touchy in the Vertex Distance department. That means that it must get its Oxygen from the air and Oxygen, nutrients, and lubrication from tears.

That could be a hidden cost associated indulging your fetish. The Cornea is living tissue, but it DOES NOT have a blood supply.

Accommodation is where you live or stay, especially when you are on holiday or when you are staying somewhere for a short amount of time.

In British English, accommodation is an uncountable noun.

It’s free on the NHS and has been used safely for many years.

Because there is only one point at which the light enters the lens, there are not as many issues with glare or halos as there can be with some multifocal lenses (see below).

of his boots, his shaving-glass, and so forth, particularly impressed themselves upon me, as evidences of the same Traddles who used to make models of elephants' dens in writing-paper to put flies in; and to comfort himself under ill usage, with the memorable works of art I have so often mentioned.

their manners and their morals to the community in which they live; and if they can occasionally obtain a degree of reverence for their supposed spiritual gifts, are, on most occasions, loaded with unmerciful ridicule, as possessing a character inconsistent with all around them.The IQ Toric version of this lens is aspheric and comes in the cylindrical powers as on the table below.They are able to correct up to 4.5 D of corneal astigmatism. The lens has 3 axis marking dots on either side of the optic periphery which designate the direction of the steep axis of toric power.A cataract occurs when the lens becomes cloudy and the light becomes scattered or even blocked, causing blurred vision, halos around bright lights, reduced perception of colour and loss of night vision.As most older people have a mixture of both, they still end up needing glasses, says Dr Julian Stevens, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, who performs around 400 lens operations every year.Also because these lenses provide just one focal point on the retina, they provide good vision for those with medical conditions that may have damaged the retina, such as glaucoma.