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You buy a micro/SD card preloaded with the Ireland/UK maps, you insert it into the side of your device and off you go.

This process is painless, straightforward and the cheapest solution.

Garmin have made a number of changes to their map update procedures in the last year.Garmin offers a one time fee for “lifetime” maps, Tom Tom’s offer is on an annual basis, and with NAVIGON you get There are two models for getting map updates these days, subscription, and paying for an individual map.If you pay for an individual map you decide how often you want to update the map for your device.Typically you will pay a price up-front and get a new map update four times per year. If you intend to keep your GPS device for a long time, or just demand the most up-to-date maps available– this might be your choice.The way each company has chosen to offer the updates varies quite a bit, so let’s break it down.Typically free map updates are available to those customers that have registered the Nuvi GPS within 90 days of it first receiving a satellite signal when you are using it on the road.