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So at the beginning of her show she trows in a kiss or two, just in case a dick needed to harden just a little bit.

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There are obvious questions and typical myths surrounding the older woman/younger man dating phenomenon.Here is a partial list: Q: Isn't this just about sex?From a psychological imprinting perspective, I have interviewed thousands of men who have specific defining moments in their lives when they knew they were attracted to older women and preferred them over women their own age.Q: Why don't these younger men go after women their own age?

Women in their thirties and early forties have higher sex drives than their younger and perkier counterparts.

: the Real Cougar Woman Handbook flying out of Amazon's warehouses.

Television shows – notably Cougar Town, starring the 45-year-old Courteney Cox – and movies such as last year's Cheri, featuring 51-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer seducing a half-her-age Rupert Friend, drew large audiences, and an entire subculture of cougar conventions, cougar cruises and cougar dating agencies sprouted up in homage. Sandra Bullock, 45, and Nicole Kidman, 41, reasserted themselves as sex symbols, and when Christie Brinkley, the 55-year-old American model, was dumped by her no-good, cheating cad of a husband in favour of an 18-year-old, the world looked on goggle-eyed and asked: "Is he mad?

This is the Demi-Ashton world, after all: over-40 women often exercise, use botox, take consummate care of themselves and create a youthfulness and vitality that belies their physical age.

And many of these women are recognizing new relationship possibilities for themselves.