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” asked Abdullah Hejazi, my boyish-looking guide in Old Jidda.

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“VH1, among other things, showcases faded celebrities who are fat,” said the CBS correspondent Richard Schlesinger.

In between shots of me fake working at my computer and fake chatting with the amiable Schlesinger while fake strolling down our corporate-looking hallway, I took my best shot at defending the alleged horrors of AI and Celebrity Fit Club.

The segment featured snippets of our shows I Love New York (a dating competition with an urban vibe) and Celebrity Fit Club (which tracks the efforts of overweight singers and actors to get back in shape, and, by extension, reignite their careers).

On the one hand, I think it’s a fascinating cultural product, one I find great delight in close-reading.

But I also love it, frankly, because I just like watching it.

But it was clear that CBS News was set on bemoaning what it saw as yet another outrage against the culture.

The central complaint, per Katie Couric’s intro to the report, was that more people had watched American Idol the previous week than watched the State of the Union address on all the broadcast networks combined.