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After your arrival, what surprised you about the Netherlands? The fact that the Dutch truly do ride their bikes everywhere.I think also the parties that cultural events that are so large here like queen’s day and carnival.Being a seasoned expat for the past 6 years now, I’ve gained some .Some of the mistakes I made are long-lasting and quite irreparable.The southern culture was subject to discriminatory policies until the nineteenth century.The Friesians prize their language and descent from the ancient Friesian people, while the Limburgers and Brabantines emphasize their southern culture and Catholic heritage.Let’s look at some international polls on males from Holland, compared to their foreign counterparts.

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"Dutch" referred originally to both Germany and the Netherlands but came to be restricted to the people and language of the Netherlands when that country became independent in the seventeenth century.For example the people here, they do not eat spicy food, they take the breakfast something very light like: bread with cheese,ham. In México we eat a lot of tortillas, beans, spicy food, tacos, burritos, carne con chile, sopes, barbacoa, carnitas, soup but most of the time we mix it with chile, tortilla and beans.I would like to say that here, in the Netherlands is very common to find fries, frinkandel, bolibaal, cold fish, these food are very typical from the Netherlands. They are really cute but they cannot flirt sorry guys….Moreover, they enjoy doing this together with their partner.Only 5% of Dutch men said they hated the daily walk to the supermarket.The non-Randstad culture corresponds to the historical divide between the predominantly Protestant north and the Catholic south, separated by the Rhine River.