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Gwen Stefani turned white as a ghost when Blake Shelton announced that he was splitting from Miranda Lambert.That's because she was secretly going through a divorce herself.As the Dancing with the Starsstunner has told Elle and Self, she maintains those amazing abs from workouts five mornings a week, mixing up everything from spinning to hot yoga to super-intense dance cardio routines with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson.She and fiancé, hockey player Brooks Laich, are also huge juicing fanatics.But like the Tesla post, I decided as I researched that this was A) a supremely important topic that will only become more important in the years to come, and B) something most people don’t know nearly enough about.My weeks of research and discussions with Musk and others built me an in-depth, tree-trunk understanding of what’s happening in what I’m calling The Story of Humans and Space—one that has totally reframed my mental picture of the future (yet again).Even the progress updates leading up to its publication became a full situation. I know you’d prefer this not to be a site that updates every two months, and I would too.The Tesla and Space X posts were special cases, and you can expect a return to more normal-length WBW posts now that they’re done. Part 1 provides the context and background, Part 2 explores the “Why” part of colonizing Mars, and Part 3 digs into the “How.” To make reading this post as accessible as possible, it’s broken into five pages, each about the length of a normal WBW post, and you can jump to any part of the post easily by clicking the links in the Table of Contents below.

All along, Derek has gotten along quite famously with his possible future brother-in-law, Ryan Seacrest, which has provided plenty of fodder for beard-related jokes.The talented 27-year-old has been dogged by gay rumors for years despite having a string of girlfriends.And although it’s been reported that he is dating “DWTS” contestant and opera singer Katherine Jenkins, she was nowhere in sight when Derek showed up at Jam, a gay club in his hometown, on July 21, a source confided.“I’m a big fan of Derek’s, and I always thought or HOPED he was gay,” Jam regular Ken lee told The Enquirer.Wong also helped J-Law learn how to eat mostly healthy (hummus, veggies, turkey) but still hold onto her beloved pizza and fries from time to time!star worked with celeb trainer and former gymnast Nonna Gleyzer to craft a several-days-a-week, hour-long Pilates routine with a special focus on calves and Achilles tendons to offset the long hours on set that Washington spends in high heels. ) works with celeb trainer Jason Walsh to maintain that luscious bod with an intense mix of plyometrics, walking lunges, weight training, and yoga.Pre-Post Note: I started working on this post ten weeks ago.