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Validating forms in asp

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Dino show how to get a more sophisticated modal input form based on Twitter Bootstrap, j Query Validate, and Xml Http Request (XHR).

The world is over-populated with articles and blog posts that emphasize the importance of user-experience (UX) beyond imagination.

This section introduces some examples demonstrating the ways to work with other frameworks and form builders.

Your example helped me learn unobtrusive AJAX posting and validation, however when I tried to use it with Editor Templates then though i can see the validation messages in the Page source, it is not showing the messages in the browser when I click submit. I can send you the solution for is very exciting to be a part of codeproject and great people like you.

Is there a way to implement input forms without a full page refresh?

There a few ways; but all of them have quirks and therefore are subject to personal preferences.

NET and Web Services Solutions conference produced by PRO. He has also worked with large corporate clients including Microsoft, Universal Studios, MGM Studios,, Intel, Polygram Pictures, Prudential, Micro Accounting Systems, Sky Harbor International Airport, and Southern Automated Systems on projects using Microsoft technologies such as Visual Fox Pro, Visual Studio. Most applications perform their data validation on the user's local computer.

Shannon Horn is the co-founder and chief software architect of Web Geniuses Corporation ( Hence, many times validation was not performed in a uniform manner, complex validation was difficult to implement, and Web servers were vulnerable to validation scripts being modified by malicious users.

He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) who has been developing Microsoft Windows and Web-based solutions as well as training for over 12 years. Shannon lives in Glendale, AZ, and is married with two daughters and a son. Validating the information entered by users is an essential part of developing a professional Web-based user interface.

He has been a featured speaker at many industry events including Microsoft Dev Days and the ASP. Shannon speaks and trains for companies such as App Dev ( and Learn It ( and has been a featured speaker in training videos with Learn Key. Data validation over the Web is performed in one of two locations: on the user's computer, or on the Web server.

also it would be nice and kind if anyone can guide me on how to make a simple chat which i will provide on every question on a page, but at a time one user can join one chat only. I would have liked to download your solution, but I couldn't find a download link.

I can always go the "browse code" page provided by the Code Project website, but would have preferred to download the whole solution.