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Consolidating tracks into one album in itunes

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Once the import is complete, the tracks on the CD should now be files on your computer, usable both in i Tunes and Serato Software (given you have the Read i Tunes Library option checked in Serato software) If you already have audio files on your system, importing them into i Tunes is easy.

Some versions of i Tunes (older ones in particular - may affect current ones) can save incorrect ID3v2.4 tags and aren't able to read the correct ones correctly. Use i Tunes built in library organization to change the file names and locations.

Many business audiobooks provide motivational and marketing tactics that can help you improve your business.

Whether you downloaded the audiobook from the Web or transferred the original CD to your computer, the audiobook most likely contains a number of audio files.

As long as your computer is connected to the internet, this option will fill in the basic track information when you insert a CD to rip, which can save a lot of time typing names into i Tunes.

For more detailed information on encoding audio files, check out this article on encoding.