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Invalidating a session in jsf

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= null) 2007-07-20 Standard Wrapper Valve[Blocking Servlet]: Servlet.service() for servlet Blocking Servlet threw exception

Illegal State Exception: get Last Accessed Time: Session already invalidated at org.apache.catalina.session.

I am currently working on a JSF 1.x application whose lead developer left the company a while ago and I am somewhat puzzled as to something he did in it...

I was told to address a few security related issues related to the handling of the session (once you log on you get a new session and things like that).

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Delete the code and replace it with session.invalidate().I was getting the same JSESSIONID after I had logged off because I was essentially still in the same session. To me it doesn't sound like it is but the guy was supposed to be some sort of Java guru so I don't know what to think anymore... I have no idea why you would empty the current session and keep it going.This means that anyone using your hijacked session can still continue to do so. Illegal State Exception: set Attribute: Session already invalidated org.apache.catalina.session.Standard Attribute(Standard org.apache.catalina.session. Standard Attribute(Standard org.apache.catalina.session. Standard Session Attribute(Standard Session faces.taglib.jsf_core. View End Tag(View org.simple_005flanding_jsp._jspx_meth_f_005fview_005f0( org.simple_005flanding_jsp._jsp Service( org.apache.jasper.runtime. Redirecting to an intermediate page is NOT an option, the user could potentially already have accessed a page with an expired session, get sent to a redirector page, and redirected yet again to this page.But I am not sure, if this deletes some necessary session-attributes like login-data. Edit: The best solution would be, each time you open a certain page you create a new session for that window/tab until you close the tab or revisit that page in this tab.