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(Spoiler alert: It's even crazier than you'd think.) I do before I left for the show?

From anyone that I have seen out, I've always had a blast. You just take it for what it is and realize that they don't know the whole story and try not to be hurt by it. I think people got to see all sides of me, especially what I went through with Ed.

Rachel: I don't think I have any bad blood with anyone other than the man of the hour. I think you have to understand that people see what they see. It's a tv show and there's a lot that goes on that doesn't make the final cut. After the show, everyone wanted to be my best friend which is totally awesome! You're always criticizing yourself and it's really weird. There's an ass slap and maybe some sexual stuff." It's like, eww...

Are you able to put your differences aside with people?

Gina, Reality Wanted: What is it like when the Bachelor/Bachelorette people get together for events?