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called the most “transcendently funny part of the entire special,” Rudd took to the stage and allowed random audience members feed him like a baby bird (among other things) all in the name of charity.

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I he intuitively understood because he told us, point-blank, that he was psychic. When we grew bored or fidgety, he’d turn off the overhead projector, sit lightly on a chair, and recount his experiences with teleportation and visits to outer space. Once he even showed us a circular piece of paper, covered in strange blue markings. It’s easy to disparage or poke fun at Lawrence, especially his sex scenes. I will say, however, that for Lawrence, a woman’s lust springs from her “womb.” Both men and women feel desire in their “bowels.” Bowels? (Frank O’Hara on the subject: “I don’t know as I get what D. Lawrence/ is driving at/ when he writes of lust springing from/ the bowels/ or do I”.) The word “phallus”–which, let’s be honest, is not my favorite word–is used throughout the book with abandon.

I remember nothing about the chemistry itself, except that oxygen and carbon figured prominently. But I think she misses the larger point: real sex can be quaint and sentimental, it can be fantastic, quotidian, surprising, almost anything. And Lawrence, for better or worse, captures its every mood. His extended descriptions of sex can be cringe-worthy, so cringe-worthy I won’t quote them here.

However, as it turned out, nothing had prepared me for D. I know that speculating is futile, but I feel that if Lawrence had had more time, in high school, and as I reread it recently, I squirmed, due to the less than positive qualities that Harrison enumerates.

I’d been there, done that (at least in the imaginary kingdom of fiction). He wrote in five weeks, just before he fell ill and died; I can feel the speed, the almost manic urgency in Lawrence’s breathy sentences.

Her husband Clifford has been maimed during World War One and is confined to a motorized wheelchair, unable to have marital relations with her.

Because Clifford prides himself on being an advanced and open-minded intellectual, he encourages Connie to find herself a suitable lover by whom she can become pregnant, thus bringing an heir to the Chatterley estate, a son (not a daughter, of course) who Clifford will be glad to own as his own.

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Be even more thankful that even if you fall down on your job, she can handle matters herself!It is easy to smile at the consternation this novel caused readers in 1928.The unexpurgated edition was not allowed circulation in Great Britain until 1960.It was a commercial and critical success, and it would confirm Forster’s status as one of the 20th century’s most important writers; nonetheless, the forty-five-year-old Forster made a decision to stop writing novels immediately afterwards, for reasons never clearly or consistently explained. This time around, the sex takes back burner to Lawrence’s larger project: his quest for an answer to a Big Question, namely: how can we unite the body and the mind into an integrated whole?The themes of the story include class conflict, environmental degradation, the status of women, and sex, all of which attained enormous prominence throughout the decade that followed publication of the book.