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Spring web service payloadvalidatinginterceptor

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Next, we will go through a brief explanation of a Spring Web Services project, which will be the external web service that will be invoked from our application.Finishing with the main part of the tutorial, we will implement an application that will invoke the web service. Suppose you are deploying all your stuff on Apache Tomcat.Suppose you are about to develop some web services. I will omit the web service contract design phase and assume we are developing SOAP web service and WSDL (or XSD schema) is already available.Interceptors are useful for applying specific functionality to required request as required by the application.There are built-in interceptors provided by Spring Framework and if required client interceptors can be written and configured according to application requirement.This is not just a missing detail in the documentation; the problem is that this method is both implemented and used inconsistently in Spring-WS itself: In the previous section we have seen that the problems with MTOM processing in Spring-WS are caused by a flaw in the design of the Spring-WS API.

There are several ways to get it done: - using xjc compiler - using Maven 2.x/3.x plugin (I lean towards this one and use it all the time) Ok, so we have our Java classes (with JAXB2 annotations), generated from our WSDL. Request Payload; import org.server.endpoint.annotation. Response Payload; import org.soap.server.endpoint.annotation. Soap Action; @Endpoint public class User Profile Endpoint There are a few important things to mention: - @Endpoint annotation tells Spring Web Services that we have web service endpoint - @Soap Action annotation (on the methods) tells Spring Web Services that method in question is responsible to handle particular SOAP action - @Response Payload and @Request Payload annotations tell Spring Web Services to extract payload from SOAP message, deserialize it to Java classes (using JAXB2 binding), and match input/output parameters against declared handlers (methods) That's pretty much it to make things work!To conclude the tutorial, we will complete our application with some features provided by Spring Integration, like adding timeouts, using interceptors and learning how to retry a failed invocation.This tutorial is composed by the following sections: The communication with external web services is done by Spring Integration with gateways.The problem with Spring-WS is that in contrast to SAAJ and Axiom, it doesn’t have a well defined MTOM processing model.Namely, it is unspecified whether the object representing XOP decoded or encoded data.In order to accomplish it, this example will focus on the integration with external web services.