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Our fieldwork this past May (2001) at the Arlington Springs site was designed to provide a geological answer as to the age of the human bones that were found at the site in 1959-60. Tom Stafford's (Stafford Laboratories, Boulder Colorado) C-14 dating of small samples of bone collagen suggest that the remains date around 13,000 years before present and perhaps as early as 13,500 BP (these are calibrated dates in "calendar years"). This less than satisfying result could be due either to the poor state of DNA preservation in bone of this antiquity or contamination by other DNA from an another sample during the lab work (although due care was taken with the samples to avoid such contamination). Smith continues to accept tentatively the Haplogroup B determination, although successful sequencing of the hypervariable section of the mt DNA would be needed in order for us to have full confidence in this finding.
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I recently divorced after 15 years and this is my biggest hurdle in my mind. Doesn't hurt my feelings either way, I can respect that some people wouldn't want to. someone not sharing important information, such as missing a bunch of fingers, is not cool.

I think you can have sex in the missionary position without using the woman's legs to keep you in place.

And now that you've brought up the subject (which I'd never have thought about independently) it would actually be a boon for my favorite position, which is both of us on our side, facing eachother (less physically draining than staying in the pushups position), and her knees up, top leg wrapped around my lower back and me lying over her lower leg.

Wouldn't the man be off balance in the missionary position? I guess if the woman has one leg, the man can do it somewhat sideways because there isn't a limb that is in the way. If she is in top, then she would have to work her one remaining leg twice as hard making that position more painful than pleasurable.

The "stump" would be a turnoff, not that I would turn away a beautiful woman. The legs seem to be a very important part of the sex act, outside the sexual organs themselves. It seems like you used to hear a lot about amputee porn in the context of "weird stuff you can find on this newfangled internet thing." Haven't heard much about it lately, but perhaps the answer to your questions is still a (safe-search disabled) search away!