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A chatbot isn’t a real-life robot, but a programme that uses natural language processing to talk convincingly to humans, via a chat room or an app.

Levy’s earlier, non-sexual chatbots have twice won the Loebner Prize, an annual competition for AI programmes.

In my mind, there are a multitude of questions and unknowns associated with the commercial exploitation of information shared by users on the broader spectrum of social media.

This is particularly true of the not-new (but ever-increasing) ability to log on to various websites using our Facebook or Google account.

While Alexa and Google Home are a bit lacking in the personality department, Gatebox users get to interact with a 3-D anime character called Azumi Hikari.

She’s being pitched as both a handy helper—and a pseudo-girlfriend.

The prize is based on the ‘Turing test’, where a judge communicating with a robot via keyboard should have trouble determining whether the machine is human or not.

The picture of the market is becoming more confused with the ever-growing number of solutions.With this in mind, the list of key events of 2016 in the broader context of social media is: In equal measure, Facebook’s problems with errors in the reporting of results, which only goes to show how independent auditing is key; the scandal around Facebook’s promotion of fake news during the US presidential campaign; and Microsoft’s failure with the Tay chatbot.Last week, a Japanese company called Gatebox opened pre-orders for a new breed of virtual assistant.Of course there were events great and small, but it seems worthwhile to me to look at social media from the perspective of time and in its wider context.A question which might be worth asking aside is: what is social media, really, and how do we define it in the second half of the 20th century? And what about Messages on Apple devices or Google Hangouts? After all, social media is a set of solutions which facilitate the exchange of user-generated content.So far so good—though there’s a hint of something weird when he turns to tell her/it goodbye.