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Rohan Anthony Marley (born ) is an entrepreneur and former American football player.

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The man who arrived on New Faces in 1976 and took on a West Indian voice is speaking in a voice that’s soft and reflective.

And he’ll go on to talk about current issues in a nuanced manner, such as footballer Ched Evans’ rape trial, Sir Cliff Richard’s revenge tale and the fear that haunts Davidson himself.

Jim said that losing his gigs at the BBC – which paid him £1 million a year – resulted in his eventual bankruptcy, but admitted that his spending habits were out of control.

The former CBB champ said: "I went a bit mad on cars and boats. My first boat was a speedboat, the second one was a 31ft Sunseeker, which cost £40,000, then, when I’d split up with wife number three in 1989, I bought a Princess 55 for £225,000, which actually ended up costing me £8m." The boat "costed him £8m" as he explains after he bought the boat, he went to celebrate at a pub where he met his fourth wife, the split from whom cost Jim £8m through maintenance, housing and school fees for their three children.

“I’ve come up with a production that lets me tell stories,” he says.

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He was a V-neck-jumper-wearing, tuna-sandwich-eating, “I don’t really listen to music” Seriously Average Joe. He suffered terrible physical injuries, but he also underwent huge mental trauma. I’m hoping someone will call me up to talk about producing it. I want to let people know that they should never give up. He’s inspirational and he cares deeply about others. He said “It’s brilliant, but ironically I won’t be able to remember it”. I came from nothing, but I managed to make a success of my life.Q: How would you describe your new show 40 Years On? We can’t go waving banners at football matches, because these veterans want to be anonymous. But I think the law should be changed by people in wigs and gowns, not ageing comedians. I’ll be signing 200 copies of my book, No Further Action, in the interval. Q: Are you ever purposefully provocative in order to annoy the politically correct? It’s true whatever I say, it never looks good written down in black and white because you can’t see the twinkle in my eye. I’m not going to pack up the comedy – after all, I’ve lasted this long. It looks after military veterans who are in the criminal justice system. It’s in everyone’s benefit – apart from the people who make burglar alarms, of course. So we work to help these guys back onto the path to normality. Why the earthy, serious chat with someone who so often reaches for the gag at every opportunity?