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Its purpose was to create a space for pony fans and others who wanted a middle-ground between the sprawling, overly-numerous boards of Ponychan with its highly moderated, stringent environment, and the unmoderated, single-board chaos of unregulated spam, porn, and trolling of 4chan.

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We don't host these websites and have no control over them. Some stuff has been recovered by some enterprising fans using the Internet Wayback Machine.All of the links on this page are valid as of the date updated./vape/ – Vaping Discussion is for the discussion of personal vaporizers in all their forms, the use and care of vape hardware, coil building, eliquid, dry herb & concentrate tanks, medical studies, and government legislation of this relatively new frontier of smoking devices. We’re upgrading our database server, there may be random issues and errors as this takes place. (6/12/2012) Could Spatial Heterogeneity in Human Vocal Fold Elastic Properties Improve the Quality of Phonation? Klemuck, Ph D - Recent interview with Malvern Instruments - Check it out (click here) .(see bio here) Roger Chan Ph D, In voice research, in vitro tensile stretch experiments of vocal fold tissues are commonly employed to determine the tissue biomechanical properties. - Amateur teen porn - Brother's Imageboard If you are under 18, please leave Wetchan.