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Where to obtain Firmware updates The easiest way to update your firmware is through the Jamstik Connect App.

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The American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar with Maple Fingerboard is a Fender icon. Features include hand-rolled fingerboard edges, Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups, staggered tuners, improved bridge with bent steel saddles and copper-infused high-mass block for increased resonance and sustain, tinted neck, high-gloss maple fretboard, satin neck back for smooth playability, thin-finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and improves resonance, and Fender Tolex case.The guitar and amp affect the tone in different ways.Below is the wiring diagram for the American standard stratocaster model.

(pickup screws and switch screws don't count)don't worry about the hobbyist thing... Small headstock meaning '60's rather than '70's style? I think there're 11 holes as per pickguard; I seem to remember counting them while considering a replacement with 3 hb (rail) pu's. 'preciate it.'s ok, i imagine they're rare enough that i have something different... like i said, reminds me of an original from the '60's.03=year 08=month 09173= the number guitar made that year which sounds possible. As far as records, They seem to get sketchy when you deal with overseas made guitars.Once again it seems to have happened to several companies who farmed their budget lines out to asia and japan.I'm sure there are plenty of variations but for the most part thats what I'm running into.I would read it as C=China XS= Factory Xiong Sun something I think?We’ve said earlier that the amp and the speakers are the most important for what you hear, and we stick with this.