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Below is part of a slightly edited great dating profile example written by a woman.

Raw foodist dating

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Fruitarians eat primarily or exclusively fruits, berries, seeds, and nuts.

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Vegans and vegetarians will find that members of these sites are seeking partners who share their consciousness.

Planet Earth Singles is part of the Conscious Dating Network which has a huge world-wide database.

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By expanding your search, you have the option of meeting men or women that you can share the transition with and the pleasure of a raw food lifestyle. If you are in Melbourne then you can join the raw food meetup group here.

Green dating sites have many vegan, vegetarian, and raw foodist members.

They cater to singles who are concerned about issues like eating locally and organically, sustainable living, conservation and alternative energy.

They also offer members the opportunity to take an intimacy and compatibility test which is very helpful in finding a truly compatible partner.

Raw foodism (or following a raw food diet) is the dietary practice of eating only, or mostly, uncooked, unprocessed foods.