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Ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

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By the way, she ten ranks of calligraphy in her elementary school days, so she writes a good hand.They often date at his apartment that is located in 185 floors.He realised that his left pointer is as long as his middle finger, but it’s not like that on his right hand He still remembers the Music Station performance in year 1999, October 8th, because they all have to wear those transparent suit while singing, when they sweat, it looks like they’re only wearing underwears singing and dancing on the stage He had to portray a character which is his total opposite (as he considers)—— a very smart yet cool person in “Abunai no Houkago” He’s getting closer with Ohno, even during concert MC he kept talking secretly to Ohno behind the rest, this made Kame, who was in front, complain that he was really ‘mad’ During the Nagoya concert when Nino and Ohno are changed and prepared to get on stage again, Nino sang to Ohno in those two nights…. Because Nino has serious posture problem, his mom bought him a waistband to help correct this problem, but then his mom didn’t know how to use it, so he too never used it Lately, his ‘sitting height’ have grown 1cm taller, congrats Loves to play games, he won’t even stop when there’s an earthquake, his longest record is 9 hours When he watches his own performances, he calls himself ‘Kimura Takuya #2’ He hates sweet food He loves saving money In June, he knew that they will debut, got to know that they’re named ‘Arashi’ together with Sho While they were having 109109 concert, they had to do ‘V no Arashi’ and didn’t have the time to practice their dance steps, Nino was so anxious he felt like crying Although it’s publicly shown that he’s 168cm, but in reality he’s only 166 There was once while in Jr concert, he said thank you and goodbye to the fans while using the mike he was still in the toilet, didn’t manage to come out in time Bathing, it’s the first thing he does every morning He always forgets his things When he was filming “Abunai no houkago”, he lost 6.5kg in a month He usually bathes after he washed his hands Right foot first while wearing shoes While wearing pants, both legs go in together, cause he sits down to wear them Prosedure to wearing his shirt: right hand, head, left hand Loves ice-skating He got lost in the backstage during his first time in Jrs concert He once saw a stranger (man) inside the mirror in a hotel, when there isn’t anyone else in the room While he was in elementary4, there were 9 girls who gave him chocalates.Other than those from his class, there were some girls from the other classes, some were his seniors.

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BPO's Youth Committee has included this in their agenda, as they will be discussing the production methods, policies, and intentions with the staff in charge of the program.He came on the stage on TV drama `Amagigoe` in 1998. He played a leading part in the movie `Pikanchi HARD but HAPPY`. Akita broadcast is a local TV company, but a lot of her fans paid attention to her because of her beauty.His performance for the movie `Letter from sulfur island` was highly praised and nominated for a candidator of Academy award. She resigned to be a freelance announcer it in 2007.They exchanged their telephone number two years later when they performed on the TV`VS Arashi`. Nozomi Sasaki who was born in 2/8/1988 is an actress, singer, talent, fashion model. She worked as a shop assistant at fashion store in 2005.* Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization The incident happened during the segment "Live - Bakuretsu Otousan 27-jikan Special" on last month's FNS 27-jikan terebi, where comedian Koji Kato kicked AKB48's Mayu Watanabe's head.What would you like to do if you had one complete day with your ichiban in your country?