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In my spare time i like reading,writing poetry and doing hair. I decided to take time for myself because I had been burned bad!!! I'm a wiccan country girl metal head - oh, I'm a walking rollercoaster of fun and life :) I'm a tomboy fem and I Well am 27 years old no kids love to have fun and meet new ppl looking for that special lady so we can enjoy of self get to know each other do thing I never done wit a women learn new things and also go out to dates do dinner So I'm in the Navy and still pretty new to the area. Preferably something close by and preferably someone older, but I'm not picky :). I'm down to earth female, who don't play no games.. I work as a designer/illustrator/arti which allows me to work on a variety of projects.
Think about how you are with your friends: You tell each other everything.

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Even with advances in technology, maintaining a healthy relationship while one partner is on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan can be trying at best.

With the right amounts of dedication and motivation however, it is definitely possible to keep things on the right track.

Since phone calls can easily result in outrageous bills, another option is to use VOIP or online services such as Skype.

Set a time each day for a video phone call to catch up.

Mingling while single in today's society has been shaped by a multitude of factors and series of movements that have made a minefield out of what was once an amicable space where men and women could have respectful encounters.

It's no longer about being “out there” or “playing the field,” now it's about showing someone he or she can trust you enough to provide the simple respect he or she deserves — the same respect we are all supposed to give each other.

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A desire for lots of monogamous physical attention is a must.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Is homeostasis in relationships even possible, or, as I believe, one party will always be more in love than the other, but its just a matter of to what degree. Always looking for the next girl who is hotter, younger, or more sexual. Both partners love each other equally and unconditionally. Neither cheat or look elsewhere for the next best thing.It seems to me that most relationships fall into one of 3 categories: 1. There is a fundamental inequality in relationships today. Is it me, or is #3 nearly impossible to find or rarely exists anymore?first hanging at Kendall's new Hollywood Hills pad and then making a run for the Bev Hills Hotel.They've been spotted together before, but it's increasingly looking like Jordan, who just signed a mega-deal with the Lakers, will be spending a lot of time in the hills." That deal Clarkson just signed is a four-year, million pact. But it seems like the Jenner - Jordan pairing is not about money.It seems like turn of the century stuff, but one of Kim Kardashian's first high-profile boyfriends was NFL player Reggie Bush (for the record the 'Bush and the Tush' era lasted from 2007-10).