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Guy unsure dating me

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Things have now even progressed further, however we haven't slept together at all.

I have met his friends and he told me I would meet his parents on Easter when they come from out of town. He told me last night that he's unsure about his feelings and he doesn't know if he should stop dating me or if we should only be friends.

Surely, he cares about you, enjoys his time with you and does like you. Maybe he is incapable of liking someone past a certain point.

Maybe he just likes to have control over his own emotions.

Of course, there are possible explanations to justify his behavior: Maybe he is under a lot of pressure at work; maybe he was hurt by an ex; maybe he is terrified of commitment.

He likes you enough, but he is afraid of your extreme enthusiasm, persistence and clinginess.

A month later in January after we decided to stay friends, he decides he wants to start dating me.

Online men not taking me seriously even after meeting, help? Most of the time when I message men, they dont believe that my pictures are real.

They start She works retail, said she wouldn't find out when she's free until today?

Most women will see this as a reflection of themselves.

They think if only they did more for him, or if only they were prettier, the result would be different.