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Her career includes a number of film and television roles, most notably as Jerry Blank in the Comedy Central favorite, Born Amy Louise Sedaris on March 29, 1961, in Endicott, New York.

Her baseboard-painting project has thrown her West Village apartment into disarray but it still feels cozy, and although it's late, Sedaris hasn't prepared anything to eat. Usually when visitors drop by, she has a snack ready -- famous for her homemade cheese balls, homemade cupcakes, or chocolate-covered pretzels -- but with the house such a mess, she's preoccupied. The bookcases she found in the garbage years ago will be arranged just right, and her new striped rug will perfectly complement her new floors, which are striped with dark and light finished woods.She was beloved by her six children, and it was her attention the Sedaris kids all competed for.From that sibling rivalry, Sedaris discovered a fondness for the outrageous, wearing wigs and costumes.Amy Sedaris talks to Indie Wire about her scene-stealing role in “Goodbye to All That”, her guest role on “Broad City”, and how she thinks her good friend Stephen Colbert will fare as the new host of ‘The Late Show’. You’ve been going on Letterman since 2002, if I’m not mistaken. Think you’ll play a similar role in Colbert’s show? Even when I did his show now on Comedy Central, it’s different because he’s a character and you’re not being a character, so that’s kind of odd. When Letterman announced his retirement from the show, you were one of the first names to pop into my head as a replacement. I think I would be good at the sit down and talking to people because I ask a lot of questions, and I’m genuinely interested. You’re close to Stephen Colbert, having worked with him on “Strangers With Candy.” Are you psyched to see him take over for David Letterman? I’m still grieving the idea of Letterman leaving, to tell you the truth. He’s just the best, and I just love watching him and how he does his show. But also just because I feel like I know him, so it just changes things a little bit. But coming out and doing a monologue, I don’t think that’s my thing. But I think I would be okay as a sidekick or interviewing people. “What size shoe do you really wear, Michelle Obama? There’ve been teenage girls with slashed faces ’s Jerri Blank, seducing her own son and encouraging drug use among teens, to name only a few misdeeds—Sedaris never allows them to become victims of her satire. I don’t know, it sometimes seems like you’re challenging your audience to care about her. AS: I guess it’s because I can so easily get behind people like that, I just assume that everybody else will too.