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[/highlight] Description: Parsing the OWASP Top Ten with a closer look at Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Our discussion of OWASP Top 10 Tools and Tactics garnered enough interest to warrant a closer look at each vulnerability as a separate entity with a specific example for deeper analysis.

Tamper Data was described as an ideal tool with which to explore CSRF issues, and you’ll soon see why as we dig in.

If a browser says that a certificate is untrusted it means that it isn't signed by a trusted root certificate or that it can't link the certificate to a trusted root certificate.

If your certificate is signed by a major certificate authority then it just means one of the chain certificates in between yours and the root is not installed on the web server.

If you have your Wireless Access Point (WAP) configured as a router, and your Air Print printer is connected to Ethernet, then your wireless Air Print client and the printer are on different IP subnets.

Link-local broadcast discovery protocols typically do not work through routers.