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Error while updating filelist not working copy

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When the update is complete, the progress dialog shows a summary of the number of items updated, added, removed, conflicted, etc. This summary information can be copied to the clipboard using .

The standard Update command has no options and just updates your working copy to the HEAD revision of the repository, which is the most common use case.

I added the new files again and committed successfully. But I read that the path on the error message was talking about a wrong server, so the URL of my trunk was not the good one ( … your repo will contain wrong informations, and you'll have to find a way to modify those bad settings on it, or on every client that want to use your repo for the first time.

My fix was to check on every folder of my project….

If you don't want a changed file to be committed, just uncheck that file.

If you want to include an unversioned file, just check that file to add it to the commit.

If you forget about a new file you created, committing the folder will find it anyway.

Committing a folder does on any modified file in the commit dialog will launch the external diff tool to show your changes.

Even if older clients and servers interoperate transparently with 1.7 servers and clients, when a working copy is upgraded to Subversion 1.7 new format, Subversion 1.6 and client can no longer be used on it.Items which have been switched to a different repository path are also indicated using an When you commit files, the commit dialog shows only the files you have selected.When you commit a folder the commit dialog will select the changed files automatically.In my case, I was adding a new directory that my local (client) metadata assumed to already be on the server and Cleanup did not rectify it. And now I realize that it's because on my first rev my settings sent my project files to my repo locally …I backed up all the new and modified files, deleted everything (except the root folder), ran Update to restore the files, and copied back into the directory the new and modified files I had backed up. So on your first rev make sure your settings for the IP of your server is not wrong because after that...Changes done by others will be merged into your files, keeping any changes you may have done to the same files.