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It’s always been my belief that you can make GOOD coffee in a normal coffee pot with 2 important factors…

1.) High quality coffee 2.) The correct coffee to water ratio.

Not a lot of clarity but what I got was syrup, berry sweet, hints of jasmine, Hershey’s milk chocolate aftertaste (at Folger Street Inn & Coffeehouse) Made this today…

the majority of the coffee I make these days, and the way of brewing coffee people ask how how to make most, is through a normal coffee pot.

The second Coel the Dux Camelodunum (Colchester); possibly a Roman Decurion.

He is reputed to have lived in the 3rd century and his daughter of legend, St. His grandson was the Emperor Constantine the Great.

However, Maci is already making plans to meet up with the Texas resident, Regal, in Houston. Do you think there’s something going on behind the scenes?

With that in mind I made this this morning for those who want to make better coffee through a coffee pot!

Looking forward to starting our new curriculums on Sunday!

Unlike many voice actors, I can easily tell that it's them due to their voices, but every single time I hear a character that's being voiced by Kyle, I won't realize it until I search the character's voice actor up. While I'm no DBZ fan, I still considered his performance as Gohan and the Narrator to be the most iconic voices when it comes to the FUNimation dub of the show.

I loved the amount of versatile range he can go from voicing young adults to elderly characters.