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This is not a list where it’s all or nothing—that is, in order to be a disciple, all of these ideas need to be in place.

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If all goes well, the man gets a wife, the woman a husband—and a coveted visa in the bargain.

This summer, thanks to a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship, Cole is tagging along with one such family living in France as they visit family in Madagascar.

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There’s a shortage of single women in rural France, and so it has become common for working-class Frenchmen to seek brides in Madagascar via matchmakers and Internet dating sites.Our excavations of the remains of ancient Ambaro, the likely location of the royal capital of Fenoarivo as visited by Robert Drury in 1703 (Drury 1729), recovered ceramics, gunflints, stone pipes and traces of house floors.Some 25 km south of Ambaro we located the most ancient royal centres in Androy, at Montefeno and Anjampanorora, dating to the 16th and 17th centuries.“The samples taken from sites on Madagascar and the Comoros contained few or no African crops, but were instead dominated by species such as Asian rice, mung bean and Asian cotton,” she said.By examining where else in the Indian Ocean these crops were grown, and drawing on historical and linguistic data, the team was able to make a strong case that the crops reached Madagascar from Island Southeast Asia.Principally, we identified some of the earliest stone tombs in Androy and established their landscape, social and geneaological contexts.