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Wearing revealing clothing makes you a target for harassment.Men always want sex and will do whatever they have to in order to get it.talked to the experts, read the research, and looked at 17 of the biggest myths about sexual assault on college campuses.1. One familiar story of campus sexual assault goes like this: A young woman and a young man are at a party.They both have too much to drink and wind up going home together.

Karen Horney was born Karen Danielsen on 16 September 1885 in Blankenese, Germany, near Hamburg.But when I read Daniel Bergner’s description of rat clitorises — one of the more fascinating sections of his totally engrossing new book, , out this week — for once I felt a serious connection with the animal kingdom.Here are some facts about female lab rats: During sex, a female rat will evade her partner, darting away in the midst of his pumping, so it doesn’t end too quickly — she wants it to last, because it’s more pleasurable for her that way.Yet despite the more personalized coverage and more nuanced federal laws and recommendations, misconceptions persist and are pushed by media commentators, students, and sometimes schools themselves.That doesn't just mean students and parents get bad information — it means assault survivors sometimes don't get the support they need and assailants are able to walk free or remain on campus, because they rely on these misconceptions to get away with their crimes.I’ve never been one of those people who sees the humanity in all animals.