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I just want to build the anticipation I want you to be almost begging because you know how much you’ll like it and enjoy it so much mmore when I finally let you have it Her: ok..continue.. You gasp It makes you feel safe I put my other hand behind your head and grab a fistful of your hair. Still wearing your dress I slap your butt, playfully then squeeze it in my hand Her: you are so naughty.. Impatient finally, I lift up your dress and standing behind you, I slide inside of you you feel my hard cock gradually pushing into you, invading you you gasp your legs tremble a little and your knees buckle briefly I push all the way in until you can feel my hips pushing against your butt, pushing you forwards against the side of the sofa you feel completely full then I just wait. Letting you enjoy the feeling of me inside you good so far? Me: haha, you’re probably on the internet now buying a flight to London for tonight, so you can jump onto me 😛 Her: I think I’ll jump on you as soon as I get London 😉 Me: I certainly won’t stop you 😉 Ok, so where were we? you should know 😉 Me: I want you to say it Her: ok.. Me: So, after a while I start fucking you Slowly at first, in and out Letting you feel the sensation of me pushing into you, over and over again.

Me: what are you thinking (in the story) Her: what I am thinking… Her: …I think.being a source of pleasure for you will give me the biggest pleasure…( not sure if I explained clear..) Me: I understand I like that So, you are bent over my sofa.

Bear in mind the specifics of this future projection are unique to the girl and my relationship with her. But for noobs out there, it’s a template you can work from to create a special moment with the girl. We’re very slightly drunk Her: start from underwear.. Masters of the Universe 😀 They have pictures of the hero characters Her: great.. Your breasts against my chest, your stomach and hips touching mine your lips very close to mine. though I think your lounge is always full of people 🙂 Me: shall I continue? Then I walk back to you I slowly push your shoulders, pushing you gently backwards against the side of the sofa You are biting your lip, anticipating You are waiting for me to kiss you I lean closer, almost touching. When I push in hard, you feel like my cock is going all through your body and out your mouth enjoying? Me: heh 😉 Suddenly I pull out of you Abruptly you feel empty all you can think about is “I want more” I grab your hair and pull you towards me, turning you around, and forcing you to your knees Again, it’s rough, violent, forcefull. You don’t even think You wrap your fingers around my cock, with a big smile of anticipation then you take me into your mouth At the beginning you are too impatient. So you are sucking hard, aggressively, up and down I put my hand on top of your head, which you like.

I won’t give a line by line analysis but bear these pointers in mind: Her: tell me what you were doing last week apart from gym and reading?

Nintendo's latest console has suffered from anemic sales and a software library to match since day one.

I like to ensure for my console systems I've got the correct port forwarding rules set-up on my router. Where as Sony and Microsoft readily provide router port information Nintendo doesn't, the best I could find was tcp/udp 1-65535... I emailed customer support asking for router port information and got the details for which router ports are used by Wii U's Nintendo Network and 1st party games. although the majority of users probably wouldn't know what to do with the information (and if their Wii is working online without problem they wouldn't need to know anyway).The Wii U (0) had some leeway when it first released, since it was the only next-gen console on the market (leaving aside, for the moment, whether a system that's only slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3 can really be considered "next-gen").Now that the Play Station 4 and Xbox One have hit the market, though, the Wii U has to stand toe-to-toe with two much newer systems.I’m guessing they’ll provide a software update to offer a better screenshot experience, but it’s also possible that they want to keep this functionality in house in order to build the Miiverse community.Only time will tell, but for now, I hope you enjoy taking your Wii U screenshots and posting them to Miiverse!This free quick reference text message list has been built with online resources including those from Transl8it!