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Relational data usually consists of text or numbers and tends to be small.In contrast, BLOB data is most often pictures in .jpg, .tiff, or format—such as product images on a Web site—which can be quite large.The syntax of Oracle data types appears in the diagrams that follow.The text of this section is divided into the following sections: A data type is either scalar or nonscalar.

That was with the help of C# but now this time I am going to show, how you can insert and update image or varbinary field from within SQL Server itself.

In this case the storage is not limited to 2GB as in the case of regular BLOB storage but the size of File Stream columns are limited only by the volume size of the NTFS file system.

To specify a column to store BLOB data on the NTFS file system, you need to specify the File Stream attribute on a varbinary(max) column.

Data explosion brought a need to store both structured and un-structured data together in the database so that the benefits of the database system (like transactional support, backup and restore support, integrated security support, Full-Text Search support, etc.) can be leveraged.

SQL Server 2008 introduced the File Stream data type to store unstructured data, such as documents, presentations, videos, audios and images, on the file system with a pointer to the data in the database.