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Microsoft dns reverse lookup not updating

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Running DNS on two 2008 R2 Servers setup as AD integrated for both Forward and all Reverse zones. In DNS the following was set: -Type AD Integrated -Replication All domain controllers in this domain -Dynamic Updates None (why that was like that who knows) -Scavenging is not in use yet I changed Dynamic updating to Secure and Non Secure since I was not sure how it would affect all the non windows servers currently in there.

Under Windows NT, DNS was static and had to be manually altered to make changes.

With the advent of Windows 2000, many administrators were elated to hear that it contained a new feature called Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

Basically, DDNS, in conjunction with DHCP and Active Directory, can provide secure dynamic updates for your A and PTR records in DNS.

For example, a client machine receives an IP address from DHCP and then DHCP automatically (as long as it is configured to support DDNS) passes along the host information for that machine to the DNS service.

In this post, you will learn how to configure DHCP to dynamically collaborate with DNS and WINS in Windows Server 2008.

And if you've enabled secure updates only, then you need to upload the keytab file to the DHCP server if it's a BIND based appliance.

The keytab file is kind of like an exported SSL cert, to allow the DHCP server to update the DNS server(s). You just need to add it to the dnsproxyupdate group.

Oh and be sure to restart the DNS service on your DCs to make sure it reloads itself properly and starts populating the addresses.

Interesting, not only am I missing the reverse zones (unless I manually create something in a forward zone and create the associated PTR record) but I am also missing my exchange records, even the A record in the forward zone.