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Updatepanel updating

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I don't need dynamic content for the tooltip, just a simple button that is the same for each product cell (Item Box). Putting the control inside of the Item Template was the real key. Hi Joe, I am not sure what exactly happens on your side because I could not examine sample code but I am glad to hear that you managed to solve the problem.

I tried placing the tooltip in the control (custom Control Product Attributes: Product Box1) that get's nested and repeated in the asp: Data List for each product, but only the first cell/record/Item Box in the grid was tooltipified. If you want to investigate the problem further, you can send me runnable sample code and I will let you know what have been the reasons for the issue.

I have a asp: Data List with the "Repeat Layout=Table".

It is a products display page and can have an unlimited number of table cells that display each available product.

tl;dr: Change your bttn Edit to also do a server side click, or change your updatepanel to always update (the second one is an ugly hack) I changed it to always update but it doesn't seem to update.

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I can really only think of 1 feature at the moment that I would like to see, and that is support for Neat Upload to work inside an asp Update Panel.A separate control is nested inside of the asp: Data List which retrieves the products and their attributes.What I am trying to accompolish, is to tooltipify each cell that is generated by the asp: Data List. However, I did try changing the 'Target Control Id' to the the datalist control ('id=dl Products') and that worked perfectly.The Rad Tool Tip control does not influence your DB logic or code, once you create the needed table you should just put it in the tooltip and everything should work as expected.Kind regards, Svetlina the Telerik team I have a similar situation that I think the original poster was asking.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.