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10 biggest dating mistakes

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It should be for your own self respect and sanity, NOT just to get her panties wet. I desire for my life to be as peaceful and calm as it can be.Right now my life is pretty peaceful and setting rules for how people should treat me has made this possible.You tell them what is and what is not acceptable when they interact with you, not only for women but for everyone. Without rules the attraction will be KILLED and she will make your life a living hell.Some might do it for the former reason but it’s not wise to use it as an attraction technique because it won’t be congruent.

When I posted it, I promised to follow up with a version for the guys and interestingly enough, the lists are about as different as the genders themselves.

And believe me, they are as different as the genders themselves.

The good news is that a lot of our issues could be avoided if more people were aware of the huge differences in how men and women navigate the world.

For simplicity sake, I want to outline some of the most common relationship mistakes men make to help guys get their girl and keep her.

Good news: if you see yourself in some of these examples ... After all, if you're married, it sure beats losing half of your stuff, and it can very well make your life a lot more fulfilling in the long run.