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Actor Eric Stoltz has played some very interesting, not to mention significantly diverse characters. I’d only ever seen two people walk like madmen at this time of the morning – I saw Chris Walken walking towards me at 6am once. Anyway, Quentin gave me the script for Killing Zoe. After Killing Zoe, I produced a film called Sleep with Me and I hired Quentin as an actor. We had two weeks of rehearsal on the sets, which is very rare – it was a low-budget film, about million at the time, so we had to really have our act together. I loved your final episode, where Mandy Patinkin comes back and fires everyone. He played Stoner Bud in the legendary 1982 comedy hit “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, won raves for his turn as the disfigured Rocky Dennis in “Mask” (1985), won hearts as teen rebel Keith Nelson in John Hughes’ classic “Some Kind of Wonderful” (1987) and as Martin Brundle in “The Fly II” (1989), proved a man can ‘Fly’. Anyway, I saw this giant red watch, from some comic book or something – and I knew then, that it had to be Quentin. Quentin came down, and I think that’s when he gave me the Pulp Fiction script. We would go out and eat together, and it was lovely. It was so much fun – and I think that comes across in the film. When you’re doing something challenging and fun and everybody is in it for the right reasons it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a hit or not. Whenever I see anything from Pulp Fiction, a wonderful feeling just comes over me. It was a big upset when she was eventually replaced by Deutch who just kinda remade Pretty In Pink again with Some Kind Of Wonderful."Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson were actually dating during the making of the movie.So that scene in which Mary Stuart Masterson and Stoltz kiss for the first time and they're blushing, it's not make-up. In the final scenes, Keith and Watts walk down the street, presumably towards home, while Amanda is left to find her own way home, leaving the Jaguar, with the keys left in by Watts, sitting in front of Hardy's house., but she did get a little weirded out when co-star Crispin Glover once invited her to visit his all-black-everything apartment to prepare for their roles — a visit that involved painting a volcano together.In an interview with is the project she takes the most pride in, but making the film was not easy and sometimes pretty bizarre.Stoltz was filmed for four weeks, but after seeing a rough cut, Steven Spielberg and the writer/directors decided that Stoltz had played the role too seriously for a comedy, and he was replaced by Michael J. Images of the scenes of Stoltz as Marty can be seen on com, where they were posted in 2002.(These can be found by going to com, then clicking upon "photo gallery" and the link to the old site) Among the scenes that were originally filmed with Stoltz were: Stoltz's Marty did not wear the down vest that would be mistaken for a life preserver, and drew attention instead for having green tennis shoes.

I heard her explain this at a Q&A following a screening of Valley Girl.On a sunny Saturday morning in Los Angeles, Eric Stoltz opens up about his long and exciting career, and how he’s embarking on a new challenge. So you just wanted to get more involved in the behind-the-scenes process? I also did an episode of Law and Order, and I did a short film two years ago called The Bulls with Chris Pine. And Crowe promised you a role in every film since, didn’t he? I can remember certain scripts, but if you ask me about something from twenty years ago… I’m not one of those guys that pulls out the yearbook and the old journals and says ‘Those were the days’. Usually the last one I do – like the one I’m cutting now. We just did the 20th anniversary DVD, so I have actually thought about that one recently. How much of “Back to the Future” did you actually do? I’m about to direct an episode of Boston Legal in November. I’ve been sent fantastic scripts that have turned out to be bloody awful. Maybe when I’m an old man that would be an enjoyable thing. Because I dream about it, and sort of breathe it…it’s like falling in love, that feeling of emersion and challenge. ' And that wasn't really the point, the point was that we were a fully functioning family, but he had trouble creating that character," she says.But it was Glover's preparation for that scene that Thompson really remembers.The most notable contrast between Stoltz and Fox is their height; at 5'11, Stoltz is six inches taller than 5'4" Fox, and not quite as short in comparison to Christopher Lloyd (6'1") or Thomas F. When Stoltz's Marty would face off against Biff, Tannen would not seem nearly as intimidating.